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Welcome to the FNEC Inter-school Games

The FNEC is pleased to announce that the 13th edition of the Inter-school Games will be held for the 7th consecutive year at Laval University’s Pavillon de l’Éducation Physique et des Sports (PEPS) in Quebec from May 20 to 24, 2020.

Registration deadline february 28, 2020

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Participant’s Handbook 2020

2019 Final Report


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special mentions

courage award
Kasey Hervieux Picard

The “Courage” award is the price of perseverance and determination. The individual who possesses these qualities is a remarkable person who does not give up in the face of adversity.

friend award

The “Friend” award is presented to a team that has demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship and camaraderie.

champion award
Kawennitahke Norton

The “Champion” award is given to an athlete who has achieved one or more outstanding performances at the Games.

nation award
Sheldon Dubé Ottawa

The “Nation” award is presented to a coach who is an inspiring role model for his athletes, who promotes team spirit and shows pride in his Nation and respect for other Nations.

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sunday may 12


The FNEC created an official logo to mark the 10th anniversary of the Inter-school Games. The shape of the logo is a circle, a symbol of harmony between the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental aspects of life. The openness of the circle embodies the receptive nature of First nations toward each other. The two figures represent all the people who make the Games a success. The flame symbolizes strength and perseverance, while the eagle is an emblem of dreams fulfilled and the prospect of a promising future.


First Nations children and the FNEC wishes to acknowledge the sponsors of
the 2019 Inter-school Games!

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